New Registrations:

There have been some recent updates to the registration system. I’ve had about a billion spam accounts registering per day and it was driving me crazy. All registrations will now need to be approved by an administrator. Please note that during the work week, it may take some time for me to respond to approvals so please be patient. You should never have to wait longer than one day. This will (hopefully) prevent me from accidentally flagging a genuine account as spam.

I’ll do a quick overview for those that may have some trouble with the process. Yes. I’m doing an overview on how to register for a website, so what? Think its funny, eh? Well, not everyone is as good at the internet as you. 🙂


Registering is easy, just click ‘Register’ on the sidebar login. You’ll be taken to a page where it asks you to enter your chosen username and enter your email. An email with be sent to me and you will need to wait for me to approve your new account.

First time login:

After I approve, you’ll receive an email with your chosen username and a TEMPORARY password. (I know, temp passwords are a pain, I hate them too) Click the link in your approval email and login with your username and temporary password.

Changing your password:

PLEASE change your password after your first login. This is simple to do. While logged in, click ‘Profile’ under your username on the sidebar (on the right). Scroll down until you see ‘New Password’ enter a new password then reenter it just below. You should then be able to use the site without an issue.

Spam Accounts:

If, for any reason, I believe your account is being used for spam. I will kindly email you. If I get no response in 48 hours, I will deactivate your account. But don’t worry, this probably won’t happen often since I now have to approve new users.

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